- About Erika

Erika Pazmandine Hagen is a visual artist. 

Originally she is from Hungary, her work is influenced by her background and her life experience coming from Central - Europe, living in Switzerland and in the USA. 

Her interest in humanity, society, different cultures, nature, Art and spirituality is guiding her artist life and work.

The material such as clay is essential in her art and it is leading her through her artist adventure starting from the pottery wheel, creating sculptures, murals etc.

The high respect toward the material is shown in her art by using techniques where the 'raw', 'primitive' estethics are emphasized.


Right now she lives in the USA, in California.

Her studio and gallery is in the Bay Area, in the beautiful downtown of Vallejo, CA, close to San Francisco.


Address: Erika Pazmandine Hagen

               627 Marin Street, Vallejo, CA 94591

Email: epazmandi3@gmail.com







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